Gayatri Chetna Centre

Gayatri Chetna Centre:
A local branch of All World Gayatri Pariwar: Centre for Bright Future of 21st Century

We bought this Centre three years ago. During this period, Gayatri Pariwar grew to an extent that this Centre was too small to for our activities.

With the blessings of Almighty Ma Gayatri and our Gurusatta, Gayatri Chetna Center has been SOLD. 
With the blessings of our Gursatta and hard work of volunteers, we are hoping to get a new Centre which will be much bigger and will be able to fulfil our needs. We are planning to get it soon and in timely manner.  
We have appointed the real estate agent who is actively looking for the place.

We will update you with the development. Please visit this page. Updated August 10, 2022