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Please also note that All Baal Sanskar Shalas are  opened via zoom

due to COVID-19

Every Sunday

Baal Sanskar Shala

8.00 pm. every Sunday

Please call any of the volunteers below to join.

 Bal Sanskar Shala 



Gayatri Pariwar Toronto has started
 Bal Sankar Shala to encourage children to know vedic culture, Indian festivals and great personalities and to participate in Yog and meditation classes.
                  Please contact:

Brampton: Mayur Patel  905-453-0878

Etobicoke: Varshaben-416-840-4980


Mississauga: Bhaktiben- 905-273-9440

Brampton : Riya Patel - 416-731-5431

Guru Purnima Deep Yagna 2021

We are organizing Guru Purnima Yagna for 2021 

via zoom.

Date: Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Time : 4.00 PM - 6.00 PM

Please click the link below to register:

Guru Purnima Yagna 2021 Registration Link:

Please click here for more event details


Please visit this page regularly for our events:

Satsang Every Friday on Google Meet.

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Or open Meet and enter this code: 

Please note that all events organized (where public gathering is required) are cancelled due to Corona Virus Pandemic.
If you need any assistance or have a question, please contact our committee members.  The link is given below. Thank you for your cooperation. 

or Contact our Committee member

ગાયત્રી પરિવાર બાળ સંસ્કાર શાળા ચલાવે છે.

આપણી સંસ્કૃતિ, તહેવારો, ભારતીય મહાન હસ્તીઓ, ધાર્મિક ચિન્હો, યોગ,ધ્યાન, જીવન જીવવાની કળા,

બ્રેમ્પટન અને ઈટોબીકોકમાં દર રવિવારે

સંપર્ક કરો

ઈટોબીકોક: વર્ષાબેન  416-840-4908

બ્રેમ્પટન: સુમિત્રાબેન 905-497-4799

મિસીસાગા: ભક્તિબેન 905-273-9440

                             બ્રેમ્પટન:        રિયા પટેલ  416-731-5431